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Below is a partial listing of the PIAA Soccer Rules. By knowing  the rules of the game, you become more valuable to your team since you will understand what is acceptable or unacceptable in your games.


- To initiate play at the start of each period and after goals are scored.
- Players opposing the kicker shall be at least 10 yards (designated by the radius of the center circle) from the ball until it is kicked.
- The ball should be stationary on the ground.
- The ball is in play once it moves forward.
- A goal may be scored directly (against the opponent) directly from the kickoff.
- The ball may be played by ant player except the one who kicked off. The kicker may not play the ball until it has been played by another player on either team.


It is method or restarting play when the WHOLE of the BALL has passed over the touchline, either on the ground or in the air.
- It is taken from the point where it crossed the line.
- It is awarded to the opponent of the player  who last touched the ball.
- Ball may be thrown in any direction from the point it crossed the touchline.
- Player shall face the field of play.
- Use both hands to deliver the ball from behind and over his head in one continuous movement.
- Both feet on the ground, part of each foot is must be on or behind(outside) the touchline.
- The player taking the throw-in may not touch the ball again until it has touched another player.
- A goal may not be scored from a throw-in. 
- Turnovers, Indirect Free Kicks or Direct Free Kicks can be awarded for not following the throw-in rules properly.
- If an opponent unfairly tries to interfere or impede the player taking the throw-in, a penalty can result - Yellow Card due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

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